Tornado N (NEXT) PST-101 50 to 3000 RPM

รหัสสินค้า : 4-2087-01


41,200.00 ฿

ราคารวม 41,200.00 ฿


  • A newly designed exclusive DC brushless motor is installed to realize compact high power, low coking, low vibration and low noise.
  • Has excellent rotation accuracy and low eccentricity and high torque.
  • Choose from three speed ranges.
  • Belt drive is suitable for long hours.
  • The thermal protector operates to protect the product body against heat generated by the motor during overload or long operation.
  • The feedback system constantly responds to changes in load during stirring and maintains the set speed.
  • The stirring bar can be loosened by lowering the lever type chuck, and the stirring bar height can be changed smoothly (no need for separate parts).
  • Pressure-sensitive touch panel with rich functionality.
  • Can be operated like an analog with bar type rotation speed setting.
  • Forward/Reverse/Speed/Torque/Timer/Mode is displayed.
  • Next generation model of high torque agitator
  • PC control type also available


  • Rotation speed (rpm) : 50 to 3000
  • Maximum torque (N*m): 0.173
  • Control software: None
  • Power Supply: AC Adapter (IN: AC100-240V --> OUT: DC24V 5.0A), AC power cord (1.5m)
  • *Stand is not included.
  •  Package size:570×470×180 mm 4.5 kg
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